Sir Curtly Ambrose set for Berbice return in April – BCB President

By Brandon Corlette

The ancient county of Berbice continues to be a shining light in the West Indies, and recently, Shamar Joseph has further placed the Berbice flag around the globe.

Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) President Dr. Cecil Beharry indicated that the process has already begun to facilitate West Indies legend Sir Curtly Ambrose for another visit in Berbice in April this year.

In 2022, Ambrose visited Berbice to share his knowledge at fast bowling clinics. Joseph, who is now the latest superstar in Test cricket, was also present at those sessions with Ambrose, which was held at the historic Albion Community Centre Cricket Club.

Berbice Cricket Board President Dr. Cecil Beharry (Photos: Brandon Corlette)

West Indies Under-19 pacer Isai Thorne was also a beneficiary of the sessions held by Amrbose in 2022.

Ambrose’s visit has certainty inspired the youths, and the Berbice administrators are hoping for Ambrose to make further positive impact on the Berbice fast-bowlers.

“We will bring a lot of coaches to Berbice to assist youths in developing their games. Shortly, in April, we are going to have a fast-bowling clinic. I can say the legend, Sir Curtly Ambrose will be coming in April, and he will be working with our fast bowlers,” Beharry said at a recent presentation in Berbice.

Sir Curtly Ambrose sharing his knowledge to fast-bowlers at Albion (Photos: Brandon Corlette)

The towering fast-bowler, Ambrose, played 98 Tests for the West Indies, and claimed 405 wickets at a remarkable average of 21.00, and played 176 One-Day International matches, taking 225 wickets at 24.12.

The participants in the fast bowling clinic in 2022 included Isai Thorne, Daniel Vivickanand, Christopher Ogle, Arvin Jaikaran, Trisha Hardat, Darshanie Subramanie, Natran Gill, Shamar Joseph, Gevon Schultz, Isia Anderson, Joel Davis, Collis Hardcourt, Nicholas Ishar, Arif Khan, Shiv Harripersaud, Dave Pretipaul, Khemraj Tika, Sohail Hardwar, Christopher Deeroop, Arif Esau, Manoo Inasi, Nareem Khan, Shamal Angel, Quincy Alder, Demetri Cameron, Steven Kamalal, Joel Cort, Devendra Latchman, Omal Saul, Arvin Jowahir, Nicholas Hall, Nicholas Lepps, Adrian Hetmyer, Ronny James, Adrian Norton, Jonathan Outar, Teon Campbell, Sylus Tyndal, Leon Swammy, Keon Sinclair, Chris Harry, Javed Karim, Kevlon Anderson, and Raymond Vankenie.