CWI Level 2 coaching program launched at Providence

Cricket West Indies (CWI) launched their Level 2 Coaching Course for Guyana’s 2023 Coaching Education Intervention, today, May 18, at the Guyana National Stadium, Providence. A large turnout by a number of current and ex-cricketers was observed to have opened up the first day’s sessions.

Past and current players in former West Indies Test players Assad Fudadin and Rajendra Chandrika, Guyana Harpy Eagles senior keeper Anthony Bramble and others present, were among the mix.

The overseas Coach Developers, Ryerson Bhagoo and Keshava Ramphal from Trinidad & Tobago, and the lone Guyanese instructor, Ryan Hercules, held an in-person class session during the morning hours as well as a practical session later in the day.

Guyana Harpy Eagles Head Coach Ryan Hercules sharing his knowledge at Providence earlier today (Brandon Corlette photos)

Developers touched on areas of practical coaching assessment, which covered a number of crucial areas in the assessment criteria. One important aspect was Values. These values placed emphasis on the three crucial components in the execution of roles and responsibilities, highlighting Respect, Passion, and Accountability.

Discussions during the morning session also centered around the Coaches’ philosophies and the impact they could have on the players, including the players’ expectations.

Throughout the morning session most, if not all attendees exhibited levels of attentiveness while being highly interactive, as they fed off their instructors’ knowledge and effective tutor delivery skills.

The afternoon session switched to the practical leg which featured a number of activities on the importance of use of good player biomechanics, through the use of constraints. In highlighting the importance of biomechanics, the skills of bowling, batting, and fielding, including wicket-keeping were utilized.

For fielding and keeping, potential coaches were taught the basics of how to throw, catch and lob in the air as part of their guide when instructing players on carrying out techniques.

Hercules specifically ran drills alongside Bramble and others on low and high catches, while Bhagoo and Ramphal did close-quarter batting and bowling runs, to highlight the importance of practicing/teaching fundamental ways of the sport.

Cricketers Anthony Bramble, Assad Fudadin and Rajendra Chandrika attending the CWI Level 2 coaching session

Bowlers were given demonstrations such as how to land properly and accurately upon the leg touching the line, following a delivery being bowled. Coaches were shown how the recommended batting stances and approaches to the respective style of bowlers, dovetail with good balance and alignment for successful outcomes on a consistent basis.

The first 2023 CWI Level 1 Coaching Course to be held in Guyana, is scheduled to commence on Friday, May 19, 2023, from 0900 hours, at the Guyana National Stadium, Providence. Coach Developers Brendon Ramlal, and Junie Mitcham will be the facilitators for the course. This course is expected to have the participation of 26 CWI or ICC Foundation Level Certified Coaches.